Online Advertising

Increasingly, online visitors are getting their content from search engines rather than typing in distinct URLs. Thus, securing prime placement is crucial, especially when competition is gunning to do the same.

Search engine optimization rests on the idea that there are concrete ways to improve your place in the rankings—and your general online reputation—when people are browsing, obtaining information, or shopping. When consumers seek out information on your brand, what do they see?

As opposed to online advertising (pay-per click), SEO relies on the principle of obtaining “organic” search results; when done correctly, it is more reliable and cost effective. More than ever, it is crucial to have a robust, searchable, and smart internet presence that attracts visitors. To that end, we:

  • Evaluate meta tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and key phrases for on-page optimization based on search competition and relevancy to site
  • Streamline new keyword campaign across blog, social media outreach, press releases, etc.
  • Create a link-building campaign: Outreach for the purpose of securing updated, keyword-rich anchor text on like organization's/company's websites